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Aluminium Vent Air Fresheners

Aluminium Vent Air Fresheners

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Our Aluminium Vent Air Fresheners are designed to remove odours and freshen your cabin. Perfectly blended to be pleasant and not too overpowering, our introductory scents have been produced to suit everyone.

Installation is easy, clip this onto an air ventilator and adjust the intensity by reducing or increasing the airflow through the vents.


  • Tropical Fruit
  • Spiced Apple
  • Essence Cologne


  • Long-lasting fragrance up to 45 days
  • Refillable
  • Re-Usable
  • Laser-etched aluminium design


  • Aluminium Holder, Air Vent Clip and 1 Fragrance
  • Refill Pack with 2 fragrance re-fills (Does not include Aluminium Holder)


  1. Lasts a long time!

  2. Big fan of the tropical and the apple

  3. Love these air fresheners and recommend them to friends/family. Looks great in the car as I don’t like having thinks hanging down from the mirror. All 3 scents are nice, although tropical and spiced apple are quite seasonal. Tropical is my favourite of the bunch.
    Only downside is they can be quite overpowering to begin with but the scent is more subtle after a while. I would like to see a wider range of scents in the future.

  4. Essence is a great scent, and isn’t too strong. Perfect for me.

  5. Best air freshener out there, the Tropical scent is unreal and they last ages

  6. Tropical fruit is the best on the market very good product that lasts 5*

  7. Very Good product, smells so good and very durable…
    Best air freshener in the market.

  8. Got sent the spiced apple as a freebie. At first it smells awful but then you get the hint of vanilla coming through. It’s definitely an acquired smell

  9. Very happy with my vent air freshener. Essence scent is spot on, just needs to be stronger as it’s quite a weak scent. Tropical smells lovely too and lasts a very long while!

  10. Great smelling air fresheners that actually look stylish in the car too 2 refills keeps the car smelling nice for a long time too

  11. Absolutely bang on….bought the tropical one in September last year and still smells strong now! Definitely recommended….

  12. Love the topical and essence scents (yet to try the spiced apple). They last well and look great on the vents

  13. The aluminium casing is very classy and subtly sits on the dash/vent. The scents are also subtle and not overwhelming. I would highly recommend this product.

  14. Again a very nice engineered product from CC. Although i chose Essence which was not my taste at all…so sadly that one went straight in the bin. Not sure how good for the enviroment the refills are compared to the hangers..
    More of a a range needed of fragence to match the existing hanging fresheners.

  15. 香りだけでなく、アルミの質感もとても良いです。

    This air freshener is not only fragrant but also made of aluminum and has a very good texture.

  16. Trialed this item and so far cannot fault it. Both fragrances I recieved smell good.
    Will be purchasing another soon for the wifes car.

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