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Car Cologne – Hanging Air Fresheners

Car Cologne – Hanging Air Fresheners

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Car Cologne – Hanging Air Fresheners

Our unique range of Car Cologne Hanging Air Fresheners re-define the way you think of the car air freshener, with the market currently flooded in “sweet” style scents, our cologne-based scents are a welcomed change.

We have taken our time and created a diverse range of subtle cologne-based scents using concentrated essential oils. These air fresheners are created from premium card, have matching colour hanging elastic and come in a resealable foil bag.

Each scent has a tailored cologne base with varying accompanying notes.


  • Oud Wood: Woody – Spicy – Amber
  • Laundry Day: White Floral – Cotton – Soap
  • Jazz Club: Tobacco – Vanilla – Woody
  • In Bloom: Wild Strawberry – Sweet Flowers – Makeup
  • Road Trip : Citrus – Pepper – Amber


  1. Absolutely lovely while they last, like all air fresheners the quality is incredibly inconsistent, some last literally days, others are good for weeks and weeks.

  2. Lovely scents, definitely a must buy

  3. They all smell fantastic and look great, but PLEASE bring back noir and leather.

  4. Excellent, best Air freshener’s I’ve used before, last ages and they all smell great!

  5. Love these! Favourite scent has to be Acqua, although I do miss the speciale scent from a few years back

  6. Great smelling air fresheners. Nice change from the normal ones you get, last ages too

  7. Smell great, and last for ages. Love the colours too. They look great in the car. Will order some more now I think.

  8. I want my entire life to smell like Tuscan Leather. Even the aesthetic compliments my car. Buying these on the regular from now on.

  9. My favourite airfreshers by far,
    Smells great, lasts ages.

  10. Cracking smells from all 5 air freshners

  11. Hands down the best air freshers! They last so much longer then ones from other detailing companies.

  12. I ordered these on the 1st and they come on the 3rd really fast delivery happy with that and they also smell really good

  13. These air fresheners are refreshing without being overwhelming. Their scents have a clean sensation and seem to have a great longevity.

  14. Love getting these with my orders. Make all the difference one the interior has been done.

  15. Recently brought two air fresheners, the black noir is a lovely scent very clean crisp scent thats not too heavy to give you headache, very classy i want a perfume made from it !!

  16. My favourite, best airfresher you’ll ever get!!

  17. Best smelling and long lasting air fresheners out there

  18. Fresh scents and sturdy packaging, very potent and long lasting! Amore going strong after 2 weeks!

  19. Very nice smells, and seem to last well.

  20. The best of the best. Every singe fragrance smells amazing and last so much longer than other sure fresheners!

  21. I absolutely love these air fresheners, they smell amazing and i am definitely going be buying these on a regular basis!!

  22. Amazing fragrance’s, best car air fresheners I’ve ever. Purchased.

  23. Love these air fresheners, best ones I’ve ever tried! Noir and Acqua are definitely my favourite scents. Speciale was one of my favourites too which is unfortunately no longer available 🙁 love how subtle and long lasting these are too!

  24. Amore has to be the best scent, nothing too “in your face”, really subtle and nice!

  25. Amore is an amazing freshener and has lasted weeks, definitely buying more !

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