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1″ HEX Nano Machine Polishing Pads (Seconds)

1″ HEX Nano Machine Polishing Pads (Seconds)

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Seconds – pads dented in packaging, these will pop back when placed in warm water. No Refunds on these items.

Created from the same foam as our HEX Machine Polishing Pads, our HEX Nano Machine Polishing Pads are designed to optimise the cut and finish of our Prima compound, increasing speed & cutting power.

Designed for polishing those awkward areas such as wheels, behind door handles, panel gaps & door shuts.

Our number system helps you select the right pad for the job, see details below:

Compound 1 – Green Pads

  • Heavy cut, for removing oxidation, correcting after wet sanding & rejuvenating older paints.

Compound 2 – Yellow Pads

  • Medium cut, for removing deep scratches, correcting holograms & buffer trails.

Polishing 3 – Orange Pads

  • Heavy Polishing, for removing swirls & lighter scratches whilst restoring gloss & clarity.

Felt, Wool & Microfibre

  • Maximum cut, for areas with excessive oxidation or need higher cut than foam pads.

Set Includes:

  • 1″ Yellow polishing pads x5
  • 1″ Green polishing pads x5
  • 1″ Orange polishing pads x5
  • 1″ Felt polishing x2 (White)
  • 1″ Wool polishing pads x2 (Purple)
  • 1″ Microfibre polishing pads x2 (Blue)


  • German Foams
  • Will not leave behind swirls or marring


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